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What is a Traditional, Classic or Doll Face Persian you may be wondering?

A Traditional, Classic or Doll Face Persian is a healthier version of the Persian and Himalayan cat breed. A Classic face is not pushed in causing less eye discharge and breathing problems compared to the flat face facial or extreme face Persian. 

The overall health of our cats and kittens is MOST important to us. For this reason we have gone with the Dearheart bloodline that has a sweeter more normal looking facial structure in our cats/kittens. This structure is not only more appealing to our taste, but all around healthier for your Persian. 

Extreme Peke-faced cats have tear duct problems causing them constant eye discharge. There are other problems with breathing and shortness of breath associated with the pushed in "Show Type Persian." There are also many health benefits that traditional Persians have vs. the modern show Persians during kitten birth and delivery.

Is your pet quality kitten less valuable then a show quality kitten? 

Pet quality kittens are not winning any ribbons at the cat shows, but this does not make them any less valuable or lower quality. They just do not have the Peke-faced characteristics that are all important in winning modern day cat shows.

Less problems with health issues to us means less vet bills! LESS VET BILLS = less heartache and headaches. 

In our humble opinion. Classic is the cuter type of Persian. It's also nice to be able to relax with your pet without having to hear them battle to breathe. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our better health is undeniable.

What is a Dearheart Persian?

Lets hear directly from the expert on Dearheart chinchilla Persians and this exclusive bloodline; please read this excerpt from our friend and mentor @ Dearheart Persians in San Francisco, California.
This is the OLDEST man made cat breed in the world. This particular bloodline of cats originated from Jeanne Ramsdale, a world reknowned authority on Persians, having written many books on their care and breeding. These cats bred by Jeanne Ramsdale were known as "Dearhearts" of which many were inherited by Jeanne from the Beverly-Serrano Cattery and Silver Mesa as well as Reene's Cattery. They were aptly named as that best describes their personalities which are unlike any other cat breed. Their noses are brick red, lined with black like a heart shape and their eyes are lined as if with eyeliner and mascara. They also have the most unique meow which no other breed makes. It is like a cross between a purr and the sound a racoon makes which is best described as "QURRR". I can say that anyone that has ever had a Chinchilla, especially a Dearheart Chinchilla, not only would find it hard to live without one, but most find it hard to have only one! Another very special trait of the Dearhearts which makes them  different from some  modern day Persians is that they have no trouble with tearing eyes or breathing problems. In fact, Silvers and Goldens ( recessive to silver once considered a throwback color) have the only blue-green eyes in the Persian cat world. They look like they are always smiling in contrast to the flatter faced modern Persian. The Dearheart line is the cat that is used in the Fancy Feast commercials around the world. We have bred a litter just to PRESERVE this rare line as all the founding cats are becoming too old to breed. They are so very rare that there are only a few countries in the world that have these Dearhearts and we have been asked to help preserve the line. They live to be as old as 20 years old and they never appear to be old staying young looking and active. So there is a LONG committment when you bring a Dearheart Chinchilla into your family.